Flexible Chocolate – AKA Chocolate Gummy

I’ve posted a huge new page all about my latest award-winning cake decorating invention: Flexible Chocolate, or Chocolate Gummy. Go check it out and learn how to turn chocolate into lace, how to braid it, and even how to knit it!

flexible chocolate promo graphic

It’s chocolate. It’s flexible. What will YOU make with it?

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3 Responses to Flexible Chocolate – AKA Chocolate Gummy

  1. Omgomgomgomg!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to try this! Your first gummy eBook was excellent BTW 😉 @xlaurieclarkex #sweetcelebrationsus check out my site for a tutorial on making flexible dragon wings with gelatin http://www.sweetcelebrations.us

  2. Junikraft says:

    This is a fab post, thank you for sharing I cant wait to try the flexible choclit. May I ask if pork gelatine is sufficient as beef gelatine is very expensive here in UK. Also at what stage can you add colours, are Sugarflair paste colours usable with this recipe ? thanks in advance

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