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Hello Kitty “Wedding” Cake for Bake a Wish

‘Tis the season of giving, so when I saw a request on the Bake a Wish board for a girl turning 11 who wanted a Hello Kitty wedding-style cake (with assurances from the staff that they were only requesting a … Continue reading

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Sunday Sweeted Again! Plus a Peek Into My Cake Cabinet…

I’m thrilled that one of my cakes has been featured on the Sunday Sweets segment of CakeWrecks! Sunday Sweets: Beatle Mania Mine is the one with the Rattles on it: More pics, including several in-progress, are here. As of this … Continue reading

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The Subtleties of Eye Placement

I’ve mentioned before how shaping eyes on your figures can do a lot to convey different emotions. Now I want to show you how even something as simple as placing candy-coated sunflower seeds on snowman cookies can communicate a variety … Continue reading

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Accordion Cake for Weird Al

Super fast post since we have to get ready and go, but here’s what I’m taking to drop off at the box office of the Weird Al concert we’re going to this evening (having already obtained permission from the venue … Continue reading

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Day of Sharing Cake Teasers

Chris Cantrell, a friend from Capital Confectioners and I were very busy ladies today, working on the showcake for Day of Sharing on Sunday. We worked so hard for so many hours, we began to imagine that we heard voices. … Continue reading

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Advantages of Googly Eyes

I frequently use simple black-dot eyes on figures because they’re easy and fast. However, when more emotions and expressions are required, googly eyes are better. By “googly eyes” I don’t mean the rattling craft kind (which I also love but … Continue reading

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