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Earl Grey Chocolate Torte Because England!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately but I have a good excuse: I’m in the UK for a year! We packed up our Austin house into storage – including most of my baking tools and supplies – and have … Continue reading

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Pancakes Made Portable

Several years ago I blogged about my Healthy Oat Pancakes, and those are still a staple breakfast for me. But I’m about to be travelling abroad for an extended period of time (more about that in another post soon) where … Continue reading

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Review of DecoGel With My Flexible, Edible Stained Glass Methodology

When Icing Images gave out small free samples of their new DecoGel product at the Frosting Creators of San Antonio’s Day of Sharing in May, I lost count of how many people came up to me to ask if I … Continue reading

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Noosa Yoghurt Blogger Recipe Contest

Disclosure statement: this post and recipe were created in partnership with Noosa Yoghurt, for which I have received free samples of yogurt, a $50 Visa gift card to cover purchasing other recipe supplies, and they’ll be sending some kitchen tools … Continue reading

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Blow Thine Hunger To Cakey Bits

My older daughter’s best friend asked me last year when her father was diagnosed with a serious illness if I’d make him a Holy Hand Grenade cake for his birthday. Of course I said yes! Part of why I was … Continue reading

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Double Dark Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Does that mean that they are doubly dark, or that there are two dark components? YES. Step 1: Bake some dark chocolate rolled cookies in a shape that can be mirrored so you can put two cookie bottoms together evenly. … Continue reading

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If You Prick Our Brains, Do They Not Bleed?

You know you’re getting your Halloween baking right when you’re constantly asked if you watch Dexter. I wanted to make a bleeding brain skull cake for the Halloween party thrown my by husband’s employer last year, especially since I spent … Continue reading

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This Is The Very Model Of a Modern Melty Chocolate Cake

My daughter Peo is slightly obsessed with “The Pirates of Penzance.” But when she asked for her eighth birthday party to have a Penzance theme, I pointed out that most other kids her age – even at her very nerdy … Continue reading

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OMG Bacon Cheeseburger Hash Brown Pie!

I always say nobody should come to this blog for pretty photos, but if you have Scratch’n’Sniff installed on your device, activate it now because OMG this dinner is unbelievably good! It’s also highly customizable. Adjust the ingredients to what … Continue reading

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These Cake Balls Are In The Bag

If you know me, you know that I’m the least fashionable person possible. I have 15 pairs of the same capris in different colours, and I have many nerdy and/or cake-related t-shirts. That’s my wardrobe. If you see me in … Continue reading

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