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Cookie Cutters: Making Your Own, Some of My Favourites

These days with a baby in the house, my baking time is really limited. I find the best way to be able to quickly make delicious, lovely cookies is to always have a batch of my favourite dark chocolate rolled … Continue reading

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The Last Cookie Bender

Or maybe the first. Probably somewhere in between. It was either that or a Futurama joke and I do try to keep this blog family-friendly. Anyway. COOKIE BENDING! A friend on G+ challenged me to make a bent-clock cookie as … Continue reading

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Free Hugs For Your Face

I recently made some cookies with nerdy things on them to send to friends. I will protect their privacy but I still want to show the rest of you the nerdtasticiosity. Yes that’s a real word: I’m a perfeshunal writer. … Continue reading

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World Domination Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies

In the beginning, there was a recipe cut out of a magazine, and lo, it was meh. For it contained too much sugar, insufficient flour, and way too few chocolate chips. Then there were the years of tweaking, years filled … Continue reading

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Flexible, Edible Stained Glass eBook Now Available!

I’ll be posting links in the sidebars and doing more promotion later today, but for now my loyal readers (all six of you!) get first crack at my newly released ebook on how to do the stained glass technique with … Continue reading

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The Subtleties of Eye Placement

I’ve mentioned before how shaping eyes on your figures can do a lot to convey different emotions. Now I want to show you how even something as simple as placing candy-coated sunflower seeds on snowman cookies can communicate a variety … Continue reading

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Pudding Cookies

I had a bunch of stuff to do tonight. I didn’t wanna. So I tossed it all aside and decided to make cookies. It seemed the right thing to do after I accidentally knocked a magnet off of the crowded … Continue reading

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Rocket Cookies

I’m working on a a page with the chocolate cookie recipe I like and I realized that I never got around to posting these rocket cookies I made for my daughter’s school at the end of the last school year … Continue reading

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A Week of Baking

Right on the heels of Sunday’s gummy class (about which I’ll post separately later) came a week of baking goodies for my husband’s workplace, Enthought, which was hosting some training seminars for which they needed some desserts. They offered to … Continue reading

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Cookie Stuffed Cookies? Really?

I spend a lot of time (probably too much) surfing around looking for amazing cakes, nifty tutorials, recipes, blogs, and other things that I can use for Quick Bites posts at Capital Confectioners, the blog of my local cake club. … Continue reading

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