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New Gummy Class at the Austin Cake Show

As some of you may know, the venue where I was teaching has closed its classroom. That means classes from me are now extremely rare, so those interested need to grab the opportunities as they arise. My years of volunteering … Continue reading

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Christmas Gummy Contest Wrapup

A couple of weeks ago I held a contest where I asked folks to make up silly versions of Christmas carols using themes from the Alien movies to amuse me after I made a red and green gummy candy version … Continue reading

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Christmas Alien Gummy CONTEST!

[insert clever filk of a holiday song parodying the Alien movies here] Because I made this today while doing a gummy demo at a National Instruments Alternative Gift Fair: That’s right: I made Christmas Alien Head Gummy. And normally at … Continue reading

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Marbled Gummy

A G+ friend asked about marbling gummy while its in a viscous state. However one of the difficulties with gummy is that it pretty much has no viscous state. It’s not like a syrup that thickens as it cools; it … Continue reading

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I Haz Gummy Minifig Army and So Can You!

Someone was circulating an animated gif drawing of wobbly LEGO on G+ today. Jokes about GELO were made. Then some of my friends thought maybe I could make something like that. Heck yes. So fine, world, here are the seeeeeekrits … Continue reading

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New Classes!

Announcing two new classes coming this fall! First is another Flexible, Edible Stained Glass class, but I’ll be making some holiday-themed patterns up in the next week or so for that. Stay tuned for photos! Sunday October 14th: 10-5pm $100 … Continue reading

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The Gummy Crack’d From Side To Side

My entry for the 2012 Austin Cake Show was a gummy stained glass piece based on J.W.Waterhouse’s painting of the Lady of Shalott. It was an experimental piece which won great acclaim but, alas, no actual prizes at the show. … Continue reading

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Heather Baird is a GENIUS: Gummy Balls!

One of my cake club friends, Chris Wingler, just pointed out this post on Sprinklebakes: Dessert “Caviar” Minus the Molecular Gastronomy; Cappuccino Mousse with Coffee Caviar OMG! Did you see that video? You can make gummy drops in oil! I’ve … Continue reading

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Glow In The Dark Gummy

If that title didn’t make you do a double-take, squee, or at least start to twitch, you may need a direct-to-vein nerd transfusion. So here it is: If that doesn’t get your food-nerd heart beating, nothing will! Here it is … Continue reading

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New Classes!

I’ve partnered with a local cake decorating and class shop – Amazing Kakes – to teach my gummy techniques and to do some little-kid-friendly classes. The first two are already listed, so sign up and spread the word! Update: … Continue reading

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