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Monte What-I-Had-In-My-Fridge-O Sandwich

I saw this great cooking video on Google+ today about something called a Monte Cristo sandwich, which is basically an egg-dipped, fried ham and cheese sandwich. Check it out below (contains some swearing, which I think is funny but might … Continue reading

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Cauliflower Steaks

We love to roast cauliflower florets tossed in olive oil with a bit of salt and garlic powder on it. But this Bon Appetit recipe takes it to a whole new interesting level we’ll have to try soon (although I’m … Continue reading

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More About Healthy Oat Pancakes

Back in this post I discussed my tweaking of Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pancakes. This recipe and variations of it have become my most common breakfast over the last several months, so it’s time to … Continue reading

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Dark’n’Angsty Chocolate Ice Cream

Early in the summer I tried Cuisinart’s recipe for Deep Dark Chocolate Ice Cream and have been tweaking it ever since. I think I’ve got it about right now, so I’m ready to share my version. This ice cream so … Continue reading

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Four Pounds Project – Extension #1 – Inedible Food Waste

As mentioned in the Four Pounds of Cheese Project post, I decided to go beyond the edible waste photography and take a record of other food-related waste that week. This post is the inedible food. Next will be food packaging. … Continue reading

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The Four Pounds of Cheese Project

A few weeks ago, Jenni Field of Pastry Chef Online learned via National Geographic that the average American purchases 28 pounds of cheese every year but wastes four of them. Inspired to raise awareness of food waste and to work … Continue reading

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Gravy Emergency!

Tonight our dinner plan was leftover meatloaf and reheated roasted veggies (carrots, parsnips, and red potatoes), but since the meatloaf was a bit dry on a reheat a few days ago I decided to whip up a packet of that … Continue reading

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Breakfast Recipe Review/Tweaking

I follow a lot of bakers lately on Twitter as I comb the internet daily for cool things to post to the Capital Confectioners blog. This means I find a lot of recipes I’d like to try in my copious … Continue reading

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Cookie Stuffed Cookies? Really?

I spend a lot of time (probably too much) surfing around looking for amazing cakes, nifty tutorials, recipes, blogs, and other things that I can use for Quick Bites posts at Capital Confectioners, the blog of my local cake club. … Continue reading

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Back in the post about gardening, I mentioned having a couple of bean pods on our plant. We picked ’em and check out this mighty haul: Okay, maybe not such a big haul. After consultation here and around the interwebs, … Continue reading

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