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Rocket Cookies

I’m working on a a page with the chocolate cookie recipe I like and I realized that I never got around to posting these rocket cookies I made for my daughter’s school at the end of the last school year … Continue reading

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More About Healthy Oat Pancakes

Back in this post I discussed my tweaking of Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipe for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Pancakes. This recipe and variations of it have become my most common breakfast over the last several months, so it’s time to … Continue reading

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Dark’n’Angsty Chocolate Ice Cream

Early in the summer I tried Cuisinart’s recipe for Deep Dark Chocolate Ice Cream and have been tweaking it ever since. I think I’ve got it about right now, so I’m ready to share my version. This ice cream so … Continue reading

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Experiments With White Opaque Gummy

During my gummy classes and demos, I’ve been telling people that any jello recipe should work as gummy with extra gelatin added, including those based on milk ingredients for white, opaque jello. This week, in advance of my demo at … Continue reading

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Gummy and Gumpaste Wrongness

I know I’m way behind on posting stuff from the gummy demo and class, but I have to post one particular photo from the July 10, 2011 Day of Sharing here in Austin. After I did my gummy demo, the … Continue reading

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Cake-Related Construction Links

I post semi-regularly at the blog for my local cake club, usually posts featuring lots of links to cool cake-related tutorials, pictures, etc. I’m not going to re-post them all here because that’d get silly. But I did want to … Continue reading

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The Four Pounds of Cheese Project

A few weeks ago, Jenni Field of Pastry Chef Online learned via National Geographic that the average American purchases 28 pounds of cheese every year but wastes four of them. Inspired to raise awareness of food waste and to work … Continue reading

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Sweet of the Week!

Woot, my Musical Mice cake is up for Sweetopia’s Sweet of the Week! If you don’t vote for me, that’s okay, but do go have a look and vote for your favourite!

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Upcoming stuff

Here are some food-related things I’ll be doing in the next few weeks: Aug 1 – Aug 8 Participating in the Four Pounds of Cheese Project, an examination of food waste where participants photograph food they throw out. I’ll blog … Continue reading

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A Week of Baking

Right on the heels of Sunday’s gummy class (about which I’ll post separately later) came a week of baking goodies for my husband’s workplace, Enthought, which was hosting some training seminars for which they needed some desserts. They offered to … Continue reading

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